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Mortgage Solutions

First And Second Mortgage Solutions

Becoming a homeowner is a proud moment in any person’s life. But owning a home also has a number of financial benefits, including increased security and room to invest…

First Mortgage Solutions

When it comes to your first mortgage in Ontario, there are many expenses that arise other than your monthly mortgage payment. There are a number…

Mortgage Options

Every client’s mortgage needs are unique. Fortunately, Northwood Mortgage can help you find a tailored real estate…

Pre-Approved Mortgage Toronto

In Toronto, securing a pre-approved mortgage puts you ahead of the competition. A pre-approval process allows a prospective homebuyer to know whether or not he/she meets a lender’s criteria for a mortgage…

Low Mortgage Rate

When you approach your local bank for a mortgage offer, they will only present to you the products that they carry, which may not necessarily be the best mortgage rates in Toronto…

Mortgage Rates Toronto

To find the Low Mortgage Rates in Toronto, you need to compare all available options from different lenders to find a solution that...

Mortgage Investment Services Toronto

At Northwood Mortgage, we offer a range of mortgage investment services in Toronto, including alternative investment solutions for experienced investors looking for locally sheltered opportunities that generate fixed income.

Fixed-Term Mortgages Toronto

It is becoming increasingly tougher to follow mortgage rates in the midst of economic fluctuations, and situations that usually lead to reduced mortgage rates may not necessarily yield the expected outcome…

Mortgage Renewal Ontario

Many first-time homebuyers in Ontario use a mortgage to finance their purchase. Most, if not all, of these mortgages come with an amortization of between 20 and 30 years. But you are restricted to taking loans with a maximum term of 10 years…

Open Mortgages Toronto

One of the considerations when looking for a better mortgage is the amount of flexibility you want when repaying your mortgage.

Mortgage Solutions

If you want a high level of service and savings, Northwood Mortgage can help. We work with many of Canada’s most stable and reputable financial service companies to provide our clients with the best mortgage solutions.

Our two main service mortgage solutions offerings are Commercial and Industrial Mortgages and Residential 1st and 2nd Mortgages.

Commercial and Industrial Mortgages

Commercial and industrial buildings can be a good investment, especially when you have the right people on your side. Regardless of the size of your project – the opportunities are out there but it is up to you to seize them. Whether this is your first time or if you are a seasoned professional, you want to make sure that your financial affairs are in the best possible order. By having things in order, you will save so much time, money and effort.

A commercial mortgage loan helps to finance the purchase of a commercial property ( i.e. shopping centre, office building, apartment building or industrial complex). Commercial and industrial mortgage proceeds are usually used to obtain, refinance or to redevelop the property. The mortgages are designed in a way that meets the needs of both the lender and the borrower. The interest rate, loan amount, term/maturity, prepayment flexibility and amortization schedule are all key terms of a commercial/industrial mortgage.

If you are looking for finance options for any size project, we have experience in apartment buildings (fourplex, highrise, etc.), land servicing/development, institutional properties, specialty properties, raw land, office buildings, factories and plazas.

Residential 1st and 2nd Mortgages

Buying a home is a significant time in anyone’s life. Canada’s real estate market is booming, with many new and upcoming areas that may work for your budget, family and needs. Finding a mortgage can be an overwhelming process, especially for those who are having trouble finding a loan that fits their needs.

If you currently fall outside of traditional lending categories because of any of the following reasons:

  • you are self-employed
  • non-income verifiers
  • you have credit issues
  • you have been dealing with a financially distressing situation
  • you are a new immigrant

We understand and value our clients and their unique needs, and our services and products reflect this. We can help you.

If you are taking on a first or second mortgage, we can help you to: 1) earn a return on your home equity through investments, 2) consolidate your debts (this will help you to improve cash flow) and 3) turn your home equity into cash when you need it for home repairs, renovations, educational financing, special events and much more.

Our commitment to you is to provide you with the very best. We want to get you up to 100% loan-to-value for your financing, prime mortgages well below the rates you’ll find anywhere else, bridge and construction financing options, high ratio second and third mortgages.

At Northwood Mortgage, we provide you with stability, savings and the service you need! Our dedicated and knowledgeable team is able to provide you with the best mortgage solutions for Commercial and Industrial Mortgages and Residential 1st and 2nd Mortgages!

Contact Us to ask a question, book an appointment with a specialist or for general information to help you get the best mortgage options out there!


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