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Mortgage Investment Services Toronto

Mortgage Investment Services

At Northwood Mortgage, we offer a range of mortgage investment services in Toronto, including alternative investment solutions for experienced investors looking for locally sheltered opportunities that generate fixed income.

These property investments can be used as a substitute or replacement for existing real estate investments, such as leasing your home or apartment. These investments offer the same rewards as becoming a landlord, but without the property management challenges that are usually accompanies with real estate investments.

Private Mortgage Investment Solutions

There are a number of property investment solutions that first-time or seasoned investors can take advantage of without the hassle of real estate management. Instead, the investor functions as a lender for a new homebuyer. The obligation of property management goes to the borrower (homebuyer), while you (lender/investor) collect payments on the property.

Rather than collecting rent, which you would have to re-invest in property maintenance or receive at a later date (if the borrower has financial issues), you receive your ROI by extending the loan. Your borrower has to part with an agreed upon down payment that reduces your risk for delayed payments.

It is a favourable option for investors because you can charge a higher interest rate than the bank because the buyer likely does not qualify for a bank mortgage due to a low credit score, for example. However, this does not necessarily make the investment a risk. Any homebuyer that can raise about $70,000 for a down payment on a $250,000 home should be able to keep up with the monthly payments.

We have plans for different kinds of private real estate investors, including:

Direct Investment Plans

Investors seeking opportunities with high-yield returns, and are not afraid to deal with situations of power of sale and/or defaults, should consider private mortgage investments. You own each mortgage investment directly, and are independently accountable for the management and administration of each investment that you choose. Typical second mortgage investments can achieve annual yields of over 15 percent.

Investors have access to an online platform through which they can view information pertaining to their existing and future property investment opportunities. These platforms are also ideal for bidding and/or reserving available mortgage investment opportunities, with unlimited access 24/7.

Syndicate Investment Plans

This is an online-based investor exchange service that seeks to connect private property investors with relevant money-making opportunities secured by real estate. Multiple private investors come together and set up lending terms and decide on how to receive monthly payments from the borrower. These opportunities are largely made up of private first, second, and third mortgage investments that major financial institutions, including chartered banks, cannot finance due to the strict provincial and federal lending guidelines.

Northwood Mortgages Investment Services

These mortgage opportunities are derived from meticulous selection (by our mortgage agents) of approved mortgage origination providers, who present real investment opportunities that our network of private property investors can explore.

Our mortgage investment services are all-inclusive, meaning that you don't need to be a financial institution or chartered bank to take part in mortgage lending. Private investors are equity lenders who take advantage of the collateral and equity in a specific property, and gain the benefit of property ownership through annual returns on their investments.

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