Brokers versus Lenders

A broker’s job is not just to provide a mortgage; it is to find the best possible mortgage for a client’s situation among multiple lenders.

A good broker will shop around between many different banks and credit unions to find the best mortgage product for the client. This is a fundamentally different service from banks or other lenders.

While a broker’s purpose is to find the best mortgage for a client, a bank’s purpose is to sell the client on the bank’s products.

Advantages of Going through a Broker

Mortgages are complicated affairs with many hidden costs. Many first-time home buyers choose mortgages strictly based on rates. However, they end up getting fleeced by fees, pay restrictions, and refinance policies.

This is especially true for people with variable income or bad credit, who need more flexible mortgage options. A broker can help find a mortgage product specifically designed for any needs.

Best of all, a mortgage broker has a good understanding of value, and can find the best new offers from a variety of lenders. Every time a new mortgage product is rolled out by a lender, brokers across the country analyze and evaluate its value for their clients.

Additional Options through a Broker

Specifically, the options provided by a broker, as opposed to a bank, include:

  • Choice between different lenders
  • Negotiation of rates with lenders
  • Neutral consultations and assessments

Rising Popularity of Brokers

The recession may be over, but capital is still tight. Bank rates have continued to increase for the past few years. CRBC and TD in particular have both hiked their rates across the board. This has made homeownership very difficult for many Canadians.

The good news is that many brokers can still find the deals among the rising rates.

Lesser-known monolines, or dedicated mortgage lenders, have tried to gain an advantage over the big banks by providing lower rates. It’s difficult for laypeople to find the right monoline for them, but brokers have the skills to find monoclines with both lower rates and appropriate terms.

The public is noticing the better mortgages obtained by brokers. Brokers now account for about one third of new mortgages. Among people who have already gone through the mortgage process with a bank, most choose to refinance using a mortgage broker.