Working from home has its advantages, which is one of the reasons why home offices are the new must-have feature.

If you work from home, you can set your own hours, wear your pajamas and flip flips instead of professional attire and formal footwear, and steer clear of a hectic commute in rush hour traffic. A home office, however, can also be used if you simply need a place to avoid distractions or if your children require an area of the home to dedicate to doing their homework.

What you’ll find is that home offices are the new must-have features — and home builders are increasingly taking notice — so read on to find out more about this new trend, and about the benefits you can derive from having a home office of your own.

Home Buildings Getting On Board

Home builders are increasingly incorporating home office spaces into new homes that they construct. There is a solid market for such rooms, and they are endeavoring to meet this need. Instead of merely designating an empty bedroom to serve as your family’s home office, you can get a room designed specifically designed for this purpose.

Various Options

Whether you need some place to work or your kids require a place to do their homework or research, a home office makes a lot of sense. From small apartments to large multi-story residences, home offices are all the rage. They don’t even need to be entire rooms. Depending on the space available, a work space may be more like a little nook or even a corner of a room.

Increase Property Value

There is reason to believe that homes that feature dedicated home offices tend be more enticing to people in the home buying market. For instance, a 2014 report from Remodeling Magazine indicated that you can potentially recoup close to half of the cost of creating a dedicated home office space when you sell.

Homeward Bound

If you’re one of the increasing number of people who work from home all of the time or at least some of the time, then a home office is a must. Without a dedicated area to ply your trade, you will be subject to productivity-robbing distractions. Furthermore, you may be able to make certain deductions come tax-filing time for home office expenses — as long as you use said office space regularly.

Yes, home offices are the new must-have feature, as they would make the perfect addition to your residence.