With so much written about getting mortgages and steps to take when getting mortgages, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the process doesn’t always move along so smoothly. Some people are declined by their lender when they try for a mortgage, and when this happens the discouragement alone may result in never wanting to try again.

Thankfully, one denial doesn’t mean you can never try again, or that you’ll be declined again if you do. The first thing you must do after you’re declined is find out why and go from there.

Discover the Reason

If you’ve been denied in your mortgage attempt, you need to find out the reason. Sometimes, the reason is an easy one like your employer didn’t get around to verifying your income and sometimes it’s more complex, involving your credit score or not enough down payment.

If your mortgage application is declined, your lender is required to give you the precise reasons why, so you won’t be left in the dark.

Reverse the Issue

The next thing you need to do is take action to fix the issues that are holding you back. If it has to do with your employer, contact them and sort it out. If it’s your credit, contact your creditors to figure out the problem. Lowering the overall debt will help your credit score.

The main thing to remember, is that doing nothing won’t bring you any closer to your goal of owning a home. It may take some time to sort it all out, but you’ll never know how much time or what to do if you don’t make the calls.

Play the Field

If everything looks like it’s in order with all your financial information, you might want to try applying with a different lender. Different lenders tend to have different requirements, so if you’ve been denied by one you still might be able to get a mortgage by shopping around.

That’s not to say you should take anything that comes your way or apply at those fly-by-night, shifty-looking lenders you see on tv or online. Make sure every lender you approach has a proven track record and you’re able to speak with them personally before handing over your private financial information.

If you do get declined the first time you apply for a mortgage, try not to get down about it. Just take an objective look at your situation, then fix what needs fixing and reapply with the same lender or a new one, if necessary. Stay focused and you will reach your goal.