For potential homebuyers and current homeowners, a home is a costly investment with a long-term commitment. That’s why every homeowner carrying a mortgage needs to get life insurance. Life insurance that covers a mortgage is called mortgage life insurance or mortgage protection insurance. This kind of insurance is designed to protect the lender, just in case they are unable to pay for their monthly mortgage fees. In this article, let’s highlight five benefits on how to protect your mortgage with life insurance.

1. May protect homeowners due to sudden unemployment

With Canada’s unemployment rate fluctuating every year, sometimes homeowners might face unexpected job loss due to termination or disability. The benefit of having mortgage life insurance alleviates the stress and financial burden related to unemployment by covering the period when the homeowner is out of work. At Northwood Mortgage™, we offer a series of mortgage life insurance options that target the specific time frame if a homeowner loses their job, falls ill, or becomes physically disabled, causing unemployment.

2. May protect homeowners due to unexpected death

If the homeowner dies, the mortgage life insurance will cover the remaining amount left on the mortgage. Along with unemployment, death in the family can cause financial strain, especially when the homeowner passes away. Mortgage life insurance is a great benefit because homeowners are assured that after death, the mortgage will not become their family’s responsibility.

3. Mortgage life insurance frees up your budget

When it comes to having mortgage life insurance, homeowners can free up their budget by the funds they get from other insurance policies. For example, the funds received from a personal life insurance or employer benefits could be used for payments on other financial obligations such as car payments, other bills, and university tuition. What would usually go towards the mortgage can be spent wisely on other expenses because the homeowner has mortgage life insurance.

4. Mortgage life insurance is convenient

Another benefit that mortgage life insurance offers is convenience. By covering unemployment, death, and other bills, it is an added layer of security in case unexpected circumstances should occur. With all its benefits, it is also easy to qualify. To purchase a mortgage life insurance policy, homeowners do not require to submit to a life insurance medical exam. This is a very convenient benefit to have for sickly individuals. In case the homeowner is denied life insurance due to medical illness, the homeowner with mortgage life insurance is financially protected.

5.Mortgage life insurance accommodates new homebuyers

For potential first-time homebuyers who can only afford a small down payment, getting mortgage life insurance can secure the home of their dreams. They can use mortgage life insurance through the Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation, which requires a 5% downpayment.

Northwood Mortgage

As you can see, choosing a mortgage insurance policy should be decided carefully. However, investing in mortgage insurance can safeguard you and your family’s future in the long run.

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