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 I am happy to report we signed the documents yesterday with your lawyer. While they are still waiting for the funds to be released from National Bank, we have signed everything with the hopes that they will be released today and we can close today. If not today, tomorrow works too.

We plan on spending this weekend up at our new home away from home. It is going to be great.

Thank you again for everything. We will be recommending you to all our friends and family. Let me know if there is a website where we can post our recommendations as well.

In the coming months we (sherry) is expecting to receive what we consider to be a large sum of money and we will really appreciate your help (or recommendation) on how best to use the funds (debt payment etc). If this is something you can assist with, great. If not, maybe you can recommend someone who can.

Have a  fabulous day!



“Buying your first home can be an exciting, but overwhelming experience. Having professional and reliable support can make the process much easier. Having Mark as our Mortgage Specialist was and still continues to be a very positive experience. Mark proved himself to be responsible, supportive, and reassuring during such a stressful time. He still today shows himself to be personable and accommodating. The rapport we have developed with your agent shows his caring and reliable character. Together his hard working constitution and his friendly manner have made him someone we would definitely recommend to others. When looking for a Mortgage Specialist, Mark Bignell is someone you can trust implicitly to make the process of buying a home a happy, stress free one.”

Krista H. and Matthew G.

“The people at Northwood are very friendly and they gave us prompt efficient service. Everything was upfront with no surprises. S.A was a pleasure to deal with. We will gladly recommend this mortgage company to anyone seeking a mortgage.”


“I want to send this email to let you know that I am very pleased with the service that I am getting from your company, from the moment in which I contacted Northwood. Your agent has been extremely helpful. He has been always available to answer all my questions in a timely way, and his professional advice has been accurate and effective. Thank you very much,”

A. C.

“To Whom It May Concern: My husband and I are in our mid 40's and putting two kids through university so in order to improve our cash flow we decided to get some advice on what to do as we had refinanced 4 years ago. I called Northwood Mortgage and spoke to an agent, briefed him on the situation and what our goals were and he then came to our home a few days later with a few ideas for us to best fir our needs. I found him extremely helpful in letting us SEE how we could meet our goal in an effective manner and also in a feasible one. He researched all the options that would be available to us leaving us satisfied with the option we chose. We never felt pushed or uncomfortable with our decision and I know that he won't be one of these brokers who closes the deal and gets lost; I know he will follow us through and will be available for our questions down the road. I highly recommend him for his extensive knowledge and excellent customer service.”

Olympia S

These days, with so much competition in the banking and mortgages industry, the one differentiating factor is customer service. How a company and its representatives conduct themselves, are upfront with their customers, and the ability to provide a human touch, makes companies stand out. I would like to take this moment to thank Northwood Mortgage, and specicially the agent with whom we dealt, for the incredible end-to-end service that we received. Our family was turned down for a mortgage from a traditional lender, despite our 100% perfect credit record in which I never paid any debts late, and my long history of employment at one company. Turns out, my wife’s self-employment status did not sit well with a big bank, despite the fact that we had a mortgage with them for the past eight years without issues. So we turned to Northwood, and immediately, I saw the difference in how a stuffy bank treats its customers and how Northwood conducted their business. Right off the bat, Northwood called me within 24 hours of my making contact, and continued to call me to establish contact. I explained to the agent my circumstances and we set up a meeting. Northwood has great hours for us working people. She stayed well after her office closed, in order to gather information and answer my questions. She was patient and was able to address my inquiries despite it being late into the evening. Northwood recommended a product and without pressure, showed me the benefit to my family in applying for that product. She also talked about other options available. She kept me abreast of status constantly during the application process, and despite a family tragedy that occurred to which I had to attend at that time, she continued to call and provide updates and expressed heartfelt concern for our situation and passed along her best wishes (when I explained the same situation to the bank, they didn’t even bother expessing sympathies. She guided us through the rest of the application process and made herself always available, in a friendly manner. She made us feel like valued customers and people, rather than simply a number. Her people skills are very good, as is her sincerity and professionalism. My wife was very impressed with the agent as a person, and her ability to listen to the customer’s questions and address them directly.

In the end, my wife and I got exactly the product we were looking for, and more (this product literally met a number of our needs, some of which I didn't even know we had!) We obvoiusly saved money and now have some financial flexibility going forward. We are absolutely ecstatic.

Would I recommend Northwood Mortgage? I certainly would, without hesitation. I have heard about Northwood Mortgage on the radio for years, but now I know why they are so well regarded. Please put me down as another satisfied customer and certainly I would recommend anyone to contact Northwood Mortgage rather than simply going to your bank. You will be impressed by your experience - I guarantee it!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank your company for the great job you did in getting my Wife and I our first home. It started when I heard an ad on 680 news radio for your company saying it is easier than you think to buy a house. When I went on your website I couldn’t believe how easy it was to apply for a pre approved Mortgage. The nice thing was how fast your company replied to me. Your agent called me the same day and we set up an appointment to meet 2 days later. I was happily surprised to know that your agents will go out of the way to meet with you anywhere you want. Your agent drove to the Woodbine center in Etobicoke to me us because it was the half way point between us. We filled out all the paperwork right there and then in the shopping center and she told me she would be in contact with me as soon as she heard something. To my surprise she called me back the next day to tell me congratulations you are pre approved. We couldn’t believe how quickly she got every thing done. My wife and I then went out and found the perfect house in 3 days. We sent the paperwork to your agent to process and she said it would take about 2 days to sit tight and she will contact me as soon as she heard something. She called back 2 days later to tell us every thing was done and all we had to do is sign all the bank papers and we were done. She then went out of her way once again to meet us to sign all the bank paperwork in Concord. We were so surprised at the interest rate she got us was only 4.99% while the other big Banks are at 5.15% We thought we were done with Northwood Mortgage at that point only to find an envelope in our mail box 1 week later with 2 Discount cards for appliances at the Brick and for Appliance Canada.(What a nice touch) In closing I would like to thank your company especially your agent for a fantastic job you can’t believe how happy you made us. Should I know of anyone looking to buy a new home your agent will be the first person I will have them call. In our mind she is an excellent Mortgage Broker, a wonderful individual and a very pleasant person to deal with.

R.T. - Oakville Ontario

We would like to thank you for providing us with a great mortgage over the past 5 years. We have officially paid it off today. The last 4.11 is to come out today.  Thanks again. We are so glad that we went with you and that it is paid off finally.



I just want to thank you once again for your understanding service in securing me a mortgage that even my own bank would not consider and I had been with them for over 40 years. What is disturbing is that even if you have been with your bank for eons and never missed a payment for any loan you have undertaken with them they will not go that extra step in trying to help you out of a dire financial situation. They talk the talk but they are so tied up with their own rules and regulations that they just cannot stray from the norm. Thank heavens for the internet as it now provides one with a wealth of information where you can go for help in finding the type of firm that can help you in your own special financial situation. I had never heard of Northwood Mortgage Ltd before I found them on the internet and reviewed all the excellent information they provided in their website. What impressed me most of all were the client testimonials highlighting the efforts made by the agents of Northwood Mortgage to help their clients and judging by what you have done for me, the people of Northwood are exceptional. After my mortgage application had been turned down by my own bank I knew I could not approach another bank as I would have been turned down again, so I turned to Northwood hoping that they could help me out. I called you on 23rd of January and you could not have been more respectful or understanding of my situation and you listened very carefully to what I had to say and understood what I was going through in trying to find a firm that would help. What you did for me in trying to find a lender goes beyond the call of duty but you never gave up trying and you were always so positive in your attitude towards finding me a mortgage that would be well suited to my needs. The mortgage you found for me was even better than I ever thought it would be and you made sure that you provided me with enough funds so that I would not find myself in the same financial situation again. You have provided me with such peace of mind that it's like I am starting a new lease on life without a giant weight on my back. I know how hard you went to bat for me and how difficult it was for you to find anyone who would consider providing me with a mortgage but it was your persistence, your knowledge and your positive and professional attitude that changed the mind of your lenders and for that I will always be grateful. Please be sure to send me some of your business cards as I will be pleased to hand them out to anyone I know who is looking for a mortgage. Thank you for being such a special person, I feel I have met a real friend. Northwood Mortgage Ltd should be proud of your accomplishments and all that you do to serve your customers and in the exceptional person that you are.

Yours Sincerely, D.R

Northwood was so empathetic and professional and was willing to try to help us and believe me when I say we are a hard case. We had it all at one time 3 years ago I got sick and well,we lost everything, including our previous house, and our credit was destroyed fighting with the insurance companies to be paid on my behalf. In the end we ended up in a house with 3 mortgages 2 private lenders at 12.9 and a first at 7.9. not too good. But we needed a home for our family of 5.

Obviously not much equity in the house as we are only paying interest. Northwood did the impossible and got us a mortgage at a rate of 3.14% and we depleted one of the mortgages so now on paper we have only 2. We will be paying down the principal and will be able to finally get equity back into our house and rebuild our credit and our life. I cannot say enough about Northwood as it truly has given my family a new start and chance to turn things around. He was so kind in listening to my story and took what I said to be true and sold that to another person to get us this deal. You have truly got an amazing employee with so much to offer, as I do not know many people who have the ability to be able to tell someone else's story and make another see it, truly see it, and he can do that.

We are forever grateful to have been put in touch with him and his abilities and will use no one else again to find us a deal. I have told my entire family and all my friends about the experience I had with Northwood and I hope that he receives a bunch of business due to my spreading the word. I thank you again from our heart to yours. Thank you for listening and hearing me and helping us through this time. We are forever grateful.

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