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Home & Commercial Mortgage Services Liberty Village, King West

One of the most fascinating things about King West is the large number of construction projects that have been going on since the turn of the century. For investors and home buyers, this means that you have a good opportunity to own a new home or commercial building, though you could still opt for the older buildings with unique architecture that serve as community landmarks, especially in Liberty Village.

Liberty Village is a little different from the rest of King West. As a former major manufacturing and industrial centre in the city, and even once the location of Central Prison, the community offers high-rise living, stacked townhouses, and loft living that is particularly attractive to urban professionals.

It is also one of the most affordable neighbourhoods in Toronto, and the range of residential and commercial mortgage solutions offered by Northwood Mortgage can mean the difference between you owning a high-rise condo in this beautiful urban centre and leasing an apartment for longer.

Why Invest In Liberty Village Real Estate?

Liberty Village covers 43-acres of master-planned community with commercial, residential, and retail uses. It is a fairly small community that continues to attract young families and urban professionals, especially those working in design, media, and high-tech businesses in the urban core.

The community offers a gritty, urban feel and a distinct vibrancy that emanates from the abundance of red brick Victorian industrial architecture. Liberty Village boasts a “suburb-in-the-city feel” characterized by 24/7 access to a range of amenities including restaurants, shops, grocery stores, beer stores, and a lot more. There is also an LCBO, gyms, and lifestyle and furniture shops, plus it is a short distance to King West and downtown for when you feel like venturing out.

As a former manufacturing district, Liberty Village offers plenty of authenticity. But beyond its historic architecture, this is a unique condo community where neighbours know each other, largely because most residents are in the same demographic, which means that conversation topics are usually of interest to all parties, and also because the locals frequent the same pubs.

Own A Condo In Liberty Village

The average cost of a condo in King West at the end of 2016 was $700,000. This translates to around $574 per square foot. In Liberty Village, the average cost of a condo is around $542 per square foot, which is the second lowest price after CityPlace condos at $525 per square foot. For comparison purposes, condos in Downtown Toronto cost about $581 per square foot, while those in Queen West cost around $598 per square foot.

This suggests that Liberty Village is one of the most affordable condo communities in central Toronto, which makes it a favourite investment area for first- and second-time homebuyers. It is the ideal place to own property for homebuyers looking to work or settle in a central neighbourhood that offers a great balance between the convenience of a busy work life and choice of social lifestyle.

Our mortgage experts at Northwood Mortgage can help you find the right mortgage solution to make your property purchase in Liberty Village as affordable and effortless as possible.


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