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Mortgage Life Insurance in Ontario

As a homeowner, your mortgage is the most important tool that allows you to own and keep your home. With mortgage life insurance in Ontario, you can protect your family against unforeseen tragedy. This important insurance coverage will pay-down or pay-off the mortgage in the event of a death or long-term disability. An unexpected loss of life may leave your loved ones in a financially rough situation and having mortgage life insurance in Ontario as a backup plan can turn the tables for the better.

Our Mortgage Life Insurance Programs

We offer the following programs, including:

  • Mortgage Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Disability Insurance
  • Mortgage Critical Illness Protection

Our Highlights

Some of the highlights of our programs include:

  • No medicals or bodily fluids required for certain products
  • Fast, Guaranteed Issue products
  • Disability coverage that can help make loan payments
  • Return of Premium Products that refund all paid premiums
  • Guaranteed Premiums rates that don’t increase with age
  • Portable insurance that goes from mortgage to mortgage, house to house

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An unexpected loss of life can result in financial strain for your loved ones and your dependents. Applying for mortgage life insurance in Ontario is a good way to ensure the most important people in your life at least get to keep a roof over their heads when you are no longer there to support them. Mortgage life insurance enables a home to be paid off partially or in-full upon the death of the applicant.

Contact Northwood Mortgage™ experts today to learn more about our various programs designed to protect the financial security of your family, including mortgage life insurance, mortgage disability insurance, and mortgage critical illness protection.


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