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Mortgage Life Insurance Package

Mortgage Life Insurance When you purchase a home, you are buying your most important asset. You can use that asset to tap into equity as it appreciates to finance home renovations and other needs. However, that asset cannot protect you against unforeseen tragedy. At Northwood Mortgage we want you and your family to be protected. Mortgage life insurance allows you to gain coverage that will pay-down or pay-off your mortgage completely in the event of long-term disability or worse, death.

Why is mortgage life insurance important?

No matter how old you are, you should consider mortgage life insurance. You never know when tragedy can strike, leaving you without the ability to pay off your mortgage. You could lose a spouse or become critically ill. If you purchase one of our mortgage life insurance packages, Northwood Mortgage will cover you in the event of catastrophe. Furthermore, our programs do not require medical exams. Unlike other providers, we also offer a return of premium products that refund all paid premiums. Also, our premiums are guaranteed and don't increase with age. Our insurance is portable and moves with you from mortgage to mortgage, property to property.

What insurance programs are available?

Our extensive mortgage insurance programs extend to the following areas:
  • Mortgage life insurance - This type of insurance covers you in the event of death or unforeseen tragedy. If tragedy strikes, you may not be able to pay your mortgage; however, this insurance protects you from that.
  • Mortgage disability insurance - If you or your spouse become disabled and cannot work leaving you unable to pay down your mortgage, this type of insurance will help you make loan payments.
  • Mortgage critical illness protection - Critical illnesses can strike at any time leaving us incapacitated. This form of protection safeguards you in the event of severe illness that keeps you from being able to make your monthly mortgage payments.

Care for your family's financial future

You can plan for your future as much as possible but when tragedy strikes all that prep goes out the window. With our available insurance programs you are caring for your family's financial future ensuring that they aren't stuck with a mortgage they can't pay down should something terrible happen to you. Even if you already have a traditional life insurance policy or homeowner's insurance, it will not cover you in the event of critical illness, disability or death. Whether you have children living at home, children away at school, or no children at all, mortgage life insurance is always the right choice. You do not want to leave your spouse and kids without proper protection if something unfortunate should happen to you. Northwood Mortgage is more than a typical mortgage brokerage firm. We offer products that are designed for our client's exact needs. Whether you are looking for critical illness protection, to refinance your current mortgage or to buy a home for the first time, we've got you covered. Contact us for more information.
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