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Concord is a small community that’s located north of Toronto in the city of Vaughan. It is mostly an industrial area, with a population of only around 8,000. The community can be accessed by both the Highway 400 and Highway 407. Before the 400 opened in the 1950s, Concord was just an area for agriculture that had mostly farmland and little else.

As the general area grew, so too did Concord and even though it doesn’t have a huge population, there is a big industrial element. Northwood Mortgage™ isn’t afraid to get into smaller communities, and since we often provide funding for industrial projects, we feel right at home in Concord. Northwood began in 1990, and since that time we have arranged commercial and industrial loans all the way up to $19 million.

As part of the Independent Mortgage Association, Northwood Mortgage takes pride in the fact that we can often get our hands on financing options that other lenders cannot. In fact, Northwood has access to nearly 40 lenders, including all the big ones. This ensures that residential, commercial and industrial deals in Vaughan are examined with the same attention to detail as deals in the biggest cities in the GTA.


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