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How Do Robo-Investors Help You Invest?

Posted onNovember 02/2015By

When it comes to your financial well-being, there are many avenues you can take to ensure your money doesn’t go to waste. If you’re thinking of investing some of your extra funds but aren’t sure how to go about it, consider using the services of a robo-investor. What are robo-investors? Despite what their name sounds like, robo-investors are not terminators sent from the future to destroy your money. They are online-based advisors that help you manage your money. They are actual human beings that are available online to offer financial advice and guide you through the investment process. Robo-investors help you invest your money the same way an in-person investor would: You present your financial portfolio (or if you don’t have one, they instruct you on how to create one), then they offer guidance and instructions on how and where to invest your money. It’s a pretty simple process that…

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How To Make A Profit In Flipping Or Renting

Posted onSeptember 18/2015By

When it comes to being an intelligent and responsible investor, diversification is key. Stocks, index funds, and fixed-income funds are just a few ways to avoid putting all of your eggs into one basket. Another way to achieve some needed diversification involves flipping or renting out properties. Typically this would involve buying a property, fixing it up and then making a tidy profit either through selling and getting a substantial, upfront payday, or through renting it out to enjoy a steady stream of income. What follows is some information on how to make a profit by flipping or renting. Flipping Out If your goal is to make a tangible profit in a relatively short period of time, than house flipping may be right up your alley. The benefits include a large sum of post-sale money sooner rather than later, a wide range of financing options, and an ability to pursue…

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