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Everything You Need To Know About Mortgage Pre-Approval

Posted onFebruary 02/2017By

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is always good news for prospective homeowners. Unfortunately, many of them tend to mistake pre-approval for actual approval. Hence, it comes as a shock to many of them when they get turned down for a mortgage. Pre-approval is not the same as a final approval, so it is important that you appreciate the difference when looking to secure a mortgage. Your pre-approved figure may not be your actual figure It is fairly easy to get pre-approved for a certain amount; that is because lenders often don’t ask for extensive documentation in the pre-approval process. The pre-approval figure is merely an estimate of how much the lender could potentially give. The actual amount is only given after a thorough examination of the property in question and the financial status of the homebuyer. In the end, the amount the prospective homeowner qualifies for might not match the…

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