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How Mortgage Penalty Is Calculated In Canada

Posted onAugust 21/2017By

For most home buyers shopping for a mortgage, interest rate is the most important aspect of the process. However, it’s important to look past mortgage rates and also consider penalty rates. While no one plans to break their mortgage, there are many reasons you may have to in the future and it’s smart to plan for all possibilities. Unforeseeable circumstances such as divorce, a move, a change in finance, or other personal circumstances may mean that you can’t complete your mortgage term. It’s important to plan for the possibility that you may not be able to see your term through right from the beginning, or you may get hit with a huge penalty. When discussing your mortgage, either with a bank or mortgage broker firm, make sure you ask about the process of breaking a mortgage, and the penalties involved. Mortgage penalty is calculated using the interest rate differential. Typically,…

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