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Understanding Green Lighting

Posted onSeptember 30/2015By

If you want to be an even better steward of the environment, then green housing might be something you want to consider. It goes without saying that green housing goes much further than recycling and composting ever could, and fortunately Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is a wealth of information when it comes to explaining what green housing is and delving into why you should even care. In a nut shell, green housing is a term that encompasses environmentally friendly building and renovating procedures, strategies to help you reduce energy and water use, and ways to ensure that your home is a healthier habitat for you and yours. Building on Green Principles The CMHC leads a country-wide sustainable housing demonstration initiative known as EQuilibrium. Through this effort, private and public sector entities combine their capabilities to create homes that merge energy-efficient equipment with renewable energy solutions so that you can…

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