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The Differences Between Fixed-Term and Open-Term Mortgages

Posted onJune 08/2020By

Volatility in the financial markets can create havoc for investors and homeowners alike. An economic downturn can wipe out a lifetime of investments or cause interest rates to soar without notice. When buying a home, many considerations come into play, and the first is the type of mortgage you choose for the financing for your home. You can choose from a fixed-term mortgage, a variable rate mortgage, an open mortgage, or a closed mortgage. To identify the best mortgage financing product for you, let’s define what the mortgages are and how they work for a homebuyer. Fixed-Term Mortgages The fixed-term…

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Are Longer Cheaper Mortgages Worth It?

Posted onJanuary 27/2020By

The appeal of a longer mortgage may seem palpable, but when contemplating whether it is a choice move, the fine points demand valid consideration. On the surface, borrowers will seek mortgages as long as 40 years for the benefit of a lower monthly payment, but what does broadening out your loan truly convey? There is always a concession of sorts when it comes to negotiating lower monthly payments, and so it is vital to determine if such longer mortgages are essentially worth it. The notable boost in lenders offering longer-term mortgages has been expeditious and is steadily ascending. Analyzing such type of commitment, coupled with assessing your individual needs, will be a distinct advantage to make the most desirable judgment. Currently, the quintessential term length has a defined principle and interest rate of five years in which, after that period, new terms warrant mediation. The integrated length of the mortgage,…

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What Mortgage Term Length is Best For You? The Short and Long of It

Posted onDecember 23/2019By

Your mortgage term is fundamentally about relationships, both long and short. As with all liaisons, the choice will always depend on individual motives. Although mortgage interest rates seem to receive the highest contemplation concerning home financing products, mortgage terms also manipulate your savings. Appreciating that both are connected is crucial. Before committing to either a long-term or short-term length loan, it’s imperative to analyze both plans to ascertain, which is superior for you. Defining a Term The common fallacy is that a mortgage term stipulates the total length of the mortgage, precisely the amount of time it will take to pay your mortgage in full. On the contrary, that is what is called a mortgage amortization. “Term” actually refers to an agreement that establishes the interest rate, along with other inclusive mortgage features, over a set period. Mortgage terms may range from six months to ten years. Note, however, that…

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What Is a Fixed Term Mortgage?

Posted onApril 22/2019By

Mortgages can be complicated, and even daunting. If you’re a first-time buyer, it’s best to seek advice or use a broker. Even people who have been through the process find it confusing. You have to consider things like your income, savings, the economy, how much you should borrow, and your credit rating. There, of course, is the whole issue of approval. Will a lender or bank approve your mortgage application? Not least, you need to figure out exactly what kind of mortgage you should get – fixed term mortgage or variable rate. When it comes to mortgage products, there are…

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