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Four Differences Between Commercial And Industrial Mortgages

Posted onMay 29/2015By

If you operate a business, you probably wish to acquire a mortgage to purchase or refinance the property in which you do or will run your business. Commercial and industrial mortgages are set up especially for businesses and their investors to give companies a chance to get funding for income producing properties. You don’t have to run a Fortune500 company to be approved for a commercial or industrial mortgage. Shopping plazas and even raw land owners can apply. However, do you know what mortgage you need? There are four main differences between a commercial and industrial mortgage. Depending on the type of business you operate, you may be better suited for one specific type. Explore these four differences and see what’s right for your company! 1. Industrial mortgages are actually a type of commercial mortgage. Commercial mortgage is a blanket term for any funding that is over $1,000,000 for long-term…

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