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5 Ways Mortgage Refinancing Saves Your Business Money

Posted onFebruary 27/2019By

Taking out a mortgage almost automatically counts as an expense, as it translates to making continuous repayments over an extended period. But did you know that mortgage refinancing provides opportunities to cut down on expenses and outbound cash flows? That’s right — restructuring your mortgage actually provides opportunities to unlock hidden savings by reducing monthly payments, instituting low, locked-in interest rates and revealing extra cash available in the process. Because of these benefits, refinancing a mortgage has become popular among countless property owners in a bustling business district such as Toronto. Refinancing your commercial mortgage puts you in charge of the financial health of your business. Learn exactly how you can save your business some much-needed cash through mortgage refinancing: Analyze the Mortgage Repayment Terms Before you sign up to refinance your mortgage, it’s important to consider your goals. Does your Toronto business require an influx of cash and savings…

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How Much Can I Borrow? a Guide to Using a Mortgage Qualifier Calculator

Posted onFebruary 20/2019By

As a business owner in Toronto, one of the most essential decisions you need to make is whether to take out a commercial mortgage to expand your enterprise. The question is, how much mortgage does your business need and can actually afford? Key considerations for taking this important step include examining current and projected income, market conditions, property taxes that arise out of the real estate value and interest rates accrued over time. Banks and private mortgage companies alike use a mortgage qualifier calculator to determine how much mortgage your business can afford to support. You can also use this…

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How Commercial Mortgage Allows Business Owners to Generate Innovations

Posted onFebruary 11/2019By

In an economy now largely defined by the rise of start-ups and e-commerce, creating demand for brick-and-mortar stores has become quite the challenge. As a business owner, it’s essential to ride out this change and find an anchor in the changing market. Whether your business is in the retail, corporate or industrial sector, the key to generating innovations is finding the right space to nurture your best ideas. So where do you go to design your latest product or set up shop to accommodate more customers? Acquiring a commercial building can be a smart investment for nurturing developments in the market, adding a nice finishing touch to your business plan. See how commercial mortgages are critical to a successful purchase of retail, office or industrial space to pose your business for success: Owning Trumps Renting Combined with the downpayment and other capital expenditures required to keep your business afloat, mortgage…

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Business at a Value: Low-Interest Commercial Mortgage Loans

Posted onFebruary 04/2019By

Finding the perfect space for your business requires a keen sense of location. Where your business is located could easily make or break its name in the market, which is why prime real estate such as storefronts along busy streets or large expanses of land quickly skyrocket in value. For budding entrepreneurs, this can mean entering the race to finding the best terms for a commercial mortgage. The goal is to maintain low and steady interest rates on your commercial mortgage. This way, your business maintains a healthy cash flow. Find out how you can do that here: How to Lower Commercial Mortgage Interest Rates: Finding the Best Financing Option Commercial mortgage terms are contingent on the financing options that you select. Putting down a strategic amount of capital towards acquiring or leasing a commercial property will reduce the number of mortgage payments you will have to make, as well…

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