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Understanding Green Lighting

Posted onSeptember 30/2015By

If you want to be an even better steward of the environment, then green housing might be something you want to consider. It goes without saying that green housing goes much further than recycling and composting ever could, and fortunately Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is a wealth of information when it comes to explaining what green housing is and delving into why you should even care. In a nut shell, green housing is a term that encompasses environmentally friendly building and renovating procedures, strategies to help you reduce energy and water use, and ways to ensure that your home is a healthier habitat for you and yours. Building on Green Principles The CMHC leads a country-wide sustainable housing demonstration initiative known as EQuilibrium. Through this effort, private and public sector entities combine their capabilities to create homes that merge energy-efficient equipment with renewable energy solutions so that you can…

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Tips To Handle A Bidding War

Posted onSeptember 25/2015By

When you make the decision to go house shopping, one of the possible outcomes is an intense bidding war for one or more of the houses on your short list. Whether the house you covet is located in a desirable area, is close to amenities and schools, or has a layout that’s just perfect for you and your family, you might face some stiff competition from other prospective home buyers. If you table an offer for a house and others decide to do likewise, you could find yourself embroiled in a bidding war as competing parties seek to one-up each other. Here are some tips on how to handle a bidding war that will provide guidance on know how to deal with this sort of situation if it ever materializes. Know When to Fold Them A BMO Home Buying Report that was based on the responses of a couple of…

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Purchasing Or Refinancing A Home? How to Play it Safe

Posted onSeptember 21/2015By

When it comes to purchasing or refinancing a home, you want to play it safe because mortgage fraud is something you definitely don’t want to get caught up in. Mortgage fraud takes places when a person intentionally provides erroneous data on a loan application in a bid to get a mortgage that he or she probably would not have qualified for had he or she entered accurate information on the loan application. You need to be aware of this sort of crime so that you don’t fall prey to con artists. What is Mortgage Fraud? Various sorts of mortgage fraud exists. One very popular one involves a criminal finding an unsuspecting person with good credit to serve as a so-called straw buyer. As part of this scheme, the crook will seek to have the straw buyer place his or her name on the home mortgage form. The con artist may,…

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How To Make A Profit In Flipping Or Renting

Posted onSeptember 18/2015By

When it comes to being an intelligent and responsible investor, diversification is key. Stocks, index funds, and fixed-income funds are just a few ways to avoid putting all of your eggs into one basket. Another way to achieve some needed diversification involves flipping or renting out properties. Typically this would involve buying a property, fixing it up and then making a tidy profit either through selling and getting a substantial, upfront payday, or through renting it out to enjoy a steady stream of income. What follows is some information on how to make a profit by flipping or renting. Flipping Out If your goal is to make a tangible profit in a relatively short period of time, than house flipping may be right up your alley. The benefits include a large sum of post-sale money sooner rather than later, a wide range of financing options, and an ability to pursue…

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Home Offices: The New Must-Have Feature

Posted onSeptember 14/2015By

Working from home has its advantages, which is one of the reasons why home offices are the new must-have feature. If you work from home, you can set your own hours, wear your pajamas and flip flips instead of professional attire and formal footwear, and steer clear of a hectic commute in rush hour traffic. A home office, however, can also be used if you simply need a place to avoid distractions or if your children require an area of the home to dedicate to doing their homework. What you’ll find is that home offices are the new must-have features — and home builders are increasingly taking notice — so read on to find out more about this new trend, and about the benefits you can derive from having a home office of your own. Home Buildings Getting On Board Home builders are increasingly incorporating home office spaces into new…

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