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What to Look for in a Home Inspector

Posted onMay 05/2014By

Buying a home is the biggest investment most Canadians make. But new paint and and sparkling windows can conceal problems—expensive problems. It’s therefore essential that you have a thorough, professional home inspection before you purchase your home. If there are any problems you must discover them before the contracts are signed. In some cases, the home inspector’s report will help you negotiate a lower purchase price. Hire a professional home inspector Do not just hire a contractor to do your home inspection. Make sure they are professional home inspectors, and see if they have any credentials or certifications. See if they are members of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors. You should also check the Better Business Bureau to see if there have ever been complaints against them. Home inspectors should be independent Ensure the home inspector you hire is not affiliated with your real estate agency, bank,…

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What To Consider Before Refinancing Your Home

Posted onMay 02/2014By

Mortgages should be re-examined every year. There are options which could save you thousands of dollars, especially if your current mortgage has a high interest rate. Refinancing your mortgage is an option which could improve your financial situation. What is refinancing? Refinancing is setting up a new mortgage: transferring your current loan balance to another one with a lower rate. If you refinance, you will pay the existing mortgage and any legal claims against the property. You should do plenty of research and consult a mortgage specialist to ensure refinancing is the right step for you. Refinancing means you will cut down on interest charges. It is a good option if your new interest rate is at least 1 per cent lower than your current interest rate. Over the life of your mortgage, this will save you thousands of dollars. Are you ready to refinance? You must analyze your financial…

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