Best Mortgage Rates

Term Rate
1 Year 2.94%
2 Year 2.59%
3 Year 2.79%
4 Year 2.87%
5 Year Fixed Mortgage 30 day rate hold Insured 2.99%
7 Year 3.99%
10 Year This could be your last mortgage ever! 4.39%
Variable Rate Open (line of credit) 3.50%
Variable Rate 2.50%

Our lowest mortgage rates change frequently as we often receive short-term rate promotions daily. These promotions are never posted online. Meet with one of our Mortgage Agents to get the best mortgage solution for you!


  • 10 Year Fixed Rate Special 4.39% Your last mortgage ever
  • 5 Year Variable rate mortgage at Prime – .50% (2.50%)
  • Open line of Credit at Prime + .50% (3.50) – some conditions apply
  • 5 Year Mortgage with 5% Cashback at 4.85%

Many of our rates can be guaranteed for up to 4 months! This means if you secure a mortgage in April, the rate is guaranteed until August

If you are buying a home (in Canada) now, or switching from a current lender, you can secure these rates NOW by contacting us today.

Rates subject to change without notice and OAC Some Conditions Apply